Oahu Natural Care offers naturopathic and integrative care for acute and chronic diseases of all kinds. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs, and may include some of the following modalities:

Diet and Nutrition. Food is the best medicine and is a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine. Many medical conditions can be treated effectively with foods and nutritional supplements, with fewer complications and side effects. Dr. Nakamura will work with you to improve your health and prevent further illness. 

Lifestyle Counseling. Lifestyle counseling may include exercise recommendations, stress management techniques, and other support for developing a health-promoting lifestyle. 

Botanical Medicine. Many plant substances are powerful medicines. Where isolated chemically derived drugs may address only a single problem, botanical medicines are able to address a variety of problems simultaneously. The therapeutic use of plants and their extracts, is a very safe and effective natural therapy that can be used to treat virtually any medical condition. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy.  As we age, hormone imbalances can contribute to the decline in physical functioning and quality of life. Dr. Nakamura enjoys seeing her patients feel great, and balancing hormones is one of the most effective tools to achieve this.  

Laboratory Testing. Dr. Nakamura offers a wide array of lab testing including conventional tests for diabetes, high cholesterol, and other screening labs as well as specialized hormone, adrenal, food sensitivity, and cardiovascular risk testing. 

Screening and Preventative Services. Prevention is a major focus of naturopathic practice, and therefore Dr. Nakamura offers preventative services including well women's annual exams, pap smears, STI screening, hypertension screening, and referrals for other procedures with specialty providers as needed. 

Pharmacology. Dr. Nakamura can prescribe most pharmaceutical medications including as necessary for your needs, although she prefers to use natural treatments when possible. 

Holistic Pelvic Care™ Combines gentle, internal therapy with emotional balancing techniques, to address common problematic symptoms in the pelvic region. Common conditions treated include urinary leakage, painful intercourse, painful periods, and many more.